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Connect with us through phone at +91-9560506660 +91-8130004148

With over 50 years of operations, a huge set of loyalists and a brand name which stands for taste, our Franchisees don’t need to wait for customers to come in. Also, with the management supporting them via superior products, assistance in site selection, design support, strong marketing and right training, a Giani’s franchisee is bound to be a business success, if willing to put in the right inputs. An association with one of Delhi’s oldest, yet most vibrant brands, gives our franchisees an Business edge very few can. It is only natural that today Giani’s stands tall with a team of motivated, committed and energetic team of Franchisees.
If you think you have an attitude to excel along with the energy to match the attitude, and want to create a business around a very strong brand, then get in touch with us. Please note that an approximate investment of Rs.11-14 Lakhs is expected for each outlet. The Minimum Required Covered area is 250 square feet per outlet.

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Connect with us through phone at +91-9560506660 +91-8130004148 or email us at or drop your query below

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